Welcome to CuddleMeCushion!

We are CuddleMeCushion. We make personalized modern quilts, quilted pillows,  blankets, and crafts!


    Quilts & Crafts
                Since 2014


Did you know? One combination of patchwork is a result of numerous fabric resources and priceless remnants from other patchworkers collected over the years from different shops and different designers from all over the world.

Modern Quilt Design

Our quilts are modern designs using premium designer cotton fabrics

Personalized Designs & Themes

Favorite themes and colors of your choice. 


Products range from blankets to toddler pillows.

About Owner

Cuddle Me Cushion is the brand the re-defined the Malaysian's "bantal busuk" into a new level, as a loved and treasured gift for your loved ones. Who doesn't love to receive such beautiful hug pillows? What enables her to rebrand her creation into this, would be her long time experience as a color stylist and her background in interior design. A combination of her professional eyes who understands the science and psychology of color play and her love for sewing takes her work to a different level, which created a unique and strong identity for her brand